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yellow curry scallops seared sea scallops, yellow curry couilis, corn, pancetta - GF 13 •
thai sausage  grilled house-made sausage, cucumber and red onion salad, cilantro - GF  8 • 
scallops carpaccio seared sea scallops, avocado, cherry tomatoes, spicy lime cilantro chili dressing - GF 12 • 
sabai oyster stew fresh northwest oysters gently simmered in tom kha  -GF 12  •
mussel in tom kha  fresh northwest mussels in tom kha  - GF 12 •
thai steak frite  new york strip steak marinated in lime, mint, garlic & touch of thai chili, yam frites, spicy aioli   22 •
salmon in panang curry  grilled fresh silver salmon, panang curry, green beans, spinach, kaffir - GF   20
indian curry la primavera  wide rice noodles, indian curry, pancetta,  peas, hardboiled egg  - GF   16 •
crispy thai basil  ground pork or chicken, shrimp, bell peppers, green beans, onions, chili paste, crispy thai basil, fried egg / served wtih rice  18 • 
spicy cashew noodle pan-fried thin rice noodle, chili paste, broccoli, carrots, green onions, bell peppers, cashews / choice of protein or vegetables only  16 •
white angels on fire garlic tempura calamari, sautéed water chestnuts, carrots, bell peppers, onions, chili paste, cilantro / served with rice   17 •
pineapple fried rice  fried rice with sprimp, pineapple, egg, cashews, tomatoes, raisins, onions, cilantro   16
lava catfish deep fried fresh water catfish, house-made spicy coconut cream sauce of herbal paste, coconut milk, green beans, kaffir, galangal and cilantro / served with rice   16 • 
fancy thai eggplant chinese eggplant, chili paste, chili jam, onions, bell peppers, thai basil, garlic / choice of protein or vegetables only / served with rice   16
avocado curry noodle green curry with avocado, thin rice noodles, green beans, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, thai basil, garlic / choice of protein or vegetables only   18 •
thai teriyaki chicken grilled marinated boneless chicken thighs, house-made teriyaki, steamed cabbage, carrots, broccoli / served with rice   15
sabai specials     with shrimp add  2  •  with seafood add  3
GF gluten free       • indicate your spice preference: mild, medium, hot, or extra hot
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