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For all reservations call 541.654.5424
LARGE PARTIES / Non-Private & Semi-Private 
Maximum 18 Guests
We offer several options for groups wishing to reserve a table for large parties or to hold a semi-private special event at our restaurant.  If you wish to inquire about the availability and other details, please read through the following information and then call us at 541.654.5424 to submit a request.  All request are answered as they are received, on a first come, first serve basis, and always as promptly as possible.
We have a beautiful room that is used for either non-private or semi-private dining that accommodates up to 18 guests.  It is a wonderful space for business presentations, family celebrations, parties and casual get-togethers.  The room has sliding doors that allow us to close one of two openings depending on whether it is a non-private or semi-private event.
We offer several options for large group reservations in the T-Room.
Everyday: 7-10 maximum guests for non-private dinner reservations. 2-hour limit per seating.
                   Lunch and brunch have a maximum of 18 guest. 2 hour limit per seating.
Sunday - Thursday: 11 to 18 maximum guests for non-private dinner reservation. 2 hour limit                      per seating.
Friday - Saturday: 7-10 maximum guest for non-private dinner reservations.. 2-hour limit per                      seating.
All large parties have a 2 hour limit per seating fno more than "6" seperate checks.  
2. SEMI-PRIVATE: Sunday-Thursday you may reserve our semi-private room for dinner parties up to 18 guests. (18 guests maximum.) There is no rental fee, but we do require that food and beverage reach the minimum of $1000 minimum for an exclusive evening in the T-Room. EXAMPLE: If you would like to reserve the room as a semi-private event and your group's food and beverage total does not reach the minimum, not including a 20% service charge, the balance will be charge as a room service fee, No seperate checks.  Lunches and brunches there is no minimum.
3. SEMI-PRIVATE: Friday and Saturday evenings you may reserve our semi-private room for dinner parties for up to 12 guests. (12 guests maximum)  There is a $750 food and beverage minimum for a two-hour dinner service or a $1500 food and beverage minimum for an exclusive evening in the T-Room. This does not include a 20% service charge, No seperate checks. 
For semi-private parties we recommend a family style menu, designed to simplify choices for your guests. We can work with you to create a menu that will offer a variety of tastes.  You are welcome to order from our full menu, however, this can affect the efficiency of service.
We carry an extensive list of Northwest and West Coast wines, as well as a wonderful list of wines from regions around the world. It's often wise to choose wine ahead of time for a large group, to ensure sufficient availability, Our complete list is listed on our website.
We offer a variety of desserts on our menu, We recommend that you order desserts ahead of time for large groups, to ensure sufficient availability.  If you choose to bring in a celebration dessert there will be a $2 charge per guest.
You are welcome to bring low profile flowers and table decorations, however, please keep all decorations to a minimum and all flowers must be without scent.
A 52" Flat Screen Television is available upon request. There is a $150 fee for set-up and rental.
To secure a reservation for a semi-private event in the T-Room, a credit card number must be submitted once we respond to a request and a reservation is made. There are no guaranteed reservations without confirmation from Sabai.
We do not take a deposit, however, if you wish to cancel your reservation we request a notice at least 3 days (72 hours) prior to the reservation date. The credit card given to reserve the space is subject to a 25% charge of the food and beverage minimum or the estimated total cost if the cancellation is not made 3 days (72 hours) prior of the reservation date.
All Sabai policies are designed with customer service in mind. We strongly believe that quality customer service is central to a happy, returning customer, Each policy is carefully thought through to ensure the best possible service for the individual customer, as well as, the whole.
In setting policy we believe it is important to know who we are and who we are not. What we can do well and what we cannot.  It is never easy to tell a customer that we cannot accommodate their request, however, to ensure quality service we must stay with the policies that give us the best possibility to serve all our customers with excellence.
As owners we are extremely thankful for all who consider Sabai for their family celebrations, parties, business meetings and casual get-togethers. If for some reason we are not able to accommodate a request, we are sorry, and hope that you will consider us next time.
Mon and Tim